Sunday, May 22, 2016


Sledding For Hope is an idea to raise awareness. Our goal is to encourage others through our story with our dogs. Most of our dogs have come from many different backgrounds whether it be other sled dog kennels, shelters, abusive homes and some that we ourselves have raised. The pack, through trial and error, have formed a bond that will unite us (mushers and dogs) to achieve our ultimate goal, Iditarod. Iditarod is a sled dog race that stretches over 1000 miles across Alaska. Dogs and Mushers train very hard to condition themselves to compete in a race of this caliber. Long miles and long hours of training go into this pursuit. Then 500 miles worth of qualifying races is needed for a chance to toe the line at Iditarod.

Our hope is that our dogs will inspire others to help and encourage each other, whether you are a student, adult, old, young, fast, slow, in this ultra marathon we call, Life.  Most of our dogs have their second chance with us here at Rancho Luna Lobos. Our dogs have given us a second chance to chase a life long dream. Often times we defeat ourselves in doubt or self worth, when life gets hard or throws a curve ball. Sometimes when life "Beats us to our knees, it can keep us there if we let it" (Rocky Balboa).

Our goal, through our dogs, will help inspire others to chase something that seems so far out there even the idea of it seems impossible. Some of our dogs were considered worthless and useless by other people and "professionals", but if they could see who they are now and the athletes they have become, they wouldn't believe it.

We are dedicating every mile on the trail towards this cause. We hope our digital journal will help inspire you to chase your dreams as well!! Please join #SleddingForHope by encouraging others in chasing their dreams as well!

Fernando, Dana and all of the Lobos!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Luna Lobos Cani Cross Trail Running

Cani cross is simply enjoying the trails while running with the aid of your pooch. We will be offering tips and tricks on how to train your pup to run in harness while the two of you work as a team running the trails. This activity will easily translate into winter Skijoring. Skijoring is the same concept, but with nordic skis.

The leash laws being what they are, we want to introduce a new activity for everyone to enjoy the outdoors with their dogs while still having your pooch in compliance with rules.

First meeting will be the 6th of June. 7 pm. We will meet at City Park, in Park City. Near the Miners Hospital.

How fit do you have to be?

Anyone at any fitness level can join! If you are not as fit as you think you have to be, you can always start out walking.

Does my dog have to be a Nordic breed to do this?

NO! We have all sorts of breeds that run in harness. If your dog loves to run bring them out!!!

Cost? This club is FREE! We do, however, ask if you do have dog beds, toys, bowls, or any other pet related item that you no longer need...bring it along as a donation to Friends of Animals!!

Any questions you have feel free to message us here or at 435 714 0408


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall of 2012

Fall weather is coming around, mornings are getting a lot colder, and I think the dogs know we're getting closer to that time of year again. We have a few new pups we are going to start training! They look very promising and stoked to run. We will keep everyone posted on training and how the fall season unfolds.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pull Clinic Saturday Feb. 11 2012


Hey all! As many of you Nordic ski throughout the winter, we were hoping to share a different kind of activity that you and your dogs can participate in together-Skijoring! Skijoing is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by either a horse, a dog (even two dogs) and sometimes a motor vehicle.  In this case we'll use the dog(s)! Come join us February 11th at 1 pm, at Willow Creek Park off of Old Ranch Road in Park City, UT.  You can bring your skis, dogs, harnesses, leashes, or just bring yourself to learn!! Cost is FREE --

So if your dog loves to run bring them by! Breed does not matter.

Hope to see you out there!!

Luna Lobos


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Luna Lobos donation to Park City Museum!!!

In the fall, we had Park City Museum call us asking for some general info on Dog Sledding. It was great meeting with everyone there and just talking about what we do!! We are really glad to share our sport with everyone.  Luna Lobos donated a sled, a harness, and a pair of ganglines to the exhibit! Here is a quick photo and a question at the bottom.  You'll have to go to the museum to see what the answer is!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sky Time.

Sky is the oldest one of the group.  He will be 9 yrs in a few weeks.  But he still runs like a pup!  Sky is probably the loudest and one of the most excited to get out on the trail. I find myself paying close attention to his gait, mainly body language.  I constantly consider retiring him into normal house dog, I dont think he'd have anything to do with that.  In fact I think he would get depressed to the point where it would do him bad than good hanging out in retirement. There are times during a tour where I can tell he's a little fatigued than the rest of his brothers and sisters. At that point I just un-hook him and let him run free.  It's good for Sky and the team.  They both chase each other down and it creates a more exciting tour for our guests!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Karma started her winter season yesterday!! We had a solid tour in the morning that Karma was not in.  She felt a little left out. When we finished our tour, we gave the team about a 20 min break, hooked Karma on and went off for another run.  She did amazing.  Caught on really well! Karma is currently paired with Harley.  They seem to be working well with each other.  She's def has some lead potential.Im excited to see how the season unfold for her.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Harley, husky/ shepherd mix, is new to the pack.  She just started to run on the touring team after a short training period. Harley is showing a lot of promise as a sled dog. Never a dull moment with her.  Today Dec, 10 was her first tour, and absolutely rocked it.  She isn’t currently paired with another dog but will soon have sky as her running buddy.  She learns super fast and at this rate it’s just a matter of getting her fit.  Im sure this life is something epic for her, but at the same time has a “Zen”” approach to her running.  It’s strong and fluid. Conserving energy and using wisely through out her tour.  Im stoked to see how the season unfolds for her!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Mika.  My main lead dog.  This dog will run crazy fast, and crazy long. During the winter she is always reliable and consistent, always keeping the other dogs on track and on course.  In the summer, Mika will run anywhere from 6-20 miles a days through Park City's mountains.  She's definitely the best training partner I've had in a while.  There was a week strait were we would run to the top of Jupiter Peak (summit that goes up to 9,998 ft.  Awesome.  This season Mika has not run due to a injury.  She is recovering fast and will be back on the trails soon!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wild Fire

Wild fire is a purebred Siberian Husky,  He came into our family from a great, loving family that could no longer keep him. His first year running was a little rough.  He had a little difficult time getting fit.  Throughout the season, Wild Fire had a steady build up running 2-4 miles a day, to eventually running 8-10 miles at a solid clip toward the end of the season. Wild Fire runs along side, Goof.  He's probably the most relaxed dog on the team.  Although, he does go crazy when we start hooking the team up!

This season, Wild Fire has shown some good effort.  He's def on e of the stronger dogs on the team.  So..more pressure to preform well :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Tour

So yesterday marks the first, and earliest tour we've had.  Going into the third season feels like we've come a long way from when we started.  The dogs are more fit than any season. They know mostly every trail we've run.  Trial and error have been key components to success.  I guess with almost anything nothing comes easy. The dogs are stronger than any other season before.  I have been applying more of my running workouts, and recovery with the dogs. I find that our physiology are similar in a lot of ways.  I recover them the same way I would after a hard 15 miler.  One of the most effective workouts the dogs run is a classic "Fartlek".  Running at varied speeds to work the aerobic threshold.  For example: one morning we'll go out for a 2 mile warm up, then 1 mile "on" (speed increases) , followed by 10 min easy trot, then 1 mile "on"  .  OR  we will go out  for a hilly run and just have them run hard for up to 40 min max.  The hills force both the dogs and I to go and naturally put the harder threshold "run" in.  Boaz, the chocolate lab, is adapting really well to the tours, training, and having an awesome time with everything! He's definitely got the lead dog potential.  I am really pleased on how well he is handling the running and how well the other dogs help him and are patient with the learning process.  til next time!


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Goof the malamute came to us as an abused pup named, Aspen..  When I rescued him, he's managed to have several broken bones already.  Who would do that?? People that need to be shot? Maybe.  Let's just say it hasn't been an easy run with the mal.  Since Aspen had come into the pack he was able to adapt well. He ran well with the pack. Seemed to feel at home with everything around him.  Only problem was, he wouldn't let me get anywhere near him.  I tried to pet him and even hand feed him.  He wouldn't have anything to do with it. He growled at me.  He even bit me a few times.  Nothing hard just little bites to let me know he wanted his space. Little by little after working with him for long periods of time. He's somewhat getting there.  He's an amazing runner.  Given his physiology you wouldn't think he would be able to run like he does.  Where most large dogs fade during their run, Aspen manages to maintain his speed and strength.  Where the alaskan huskies seem to lack strength, Aspen has got it covered.  Also, because he's so big, he runs with a goofy stride.  Running as if his paws were a couple of sizes bigger than they should be.  His tongue slaps his face as he cuts through the trail. His ears, which seems to be three sizes to big for his head, are locked, pointed back toward me.  He's focused. He's Goofy looking.  Over time we figured the name Goofy suited him better than, Aspen. Other nick names: Vamos el Senor, Goo!  I am crazy pleased with his turnout.  He has honestly come a LONG way from the day we picked him up.  Every dog runner (musher) from time to time, will re-home dogs. Either for retirement, or in hope that the dog will run better for another team.  Goof will be the main dogs that stays with me forever. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Call of the wild

Crazy wind coming our way.  The clouds are grey, and a crisp smell in the air.  Hopefully some snow will fall.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boaz the lab

Boaz came to our family as the hyper one.  Now that some time has passed he's calmed a little....sorta. He started his fall training, and is looking promising. I was a little reluctant of getting a lab as sled dog at first, but my first sled dog ever was a yellow lab, named "Yellow". I thought eventually it would be awesome to have a whole team of labs! Mya single lead, Boaz, and Goof wheel.  Small team today. I want to slowly bring Boaz into the picture.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dogs.

Dog Sledding---a work of art--honestly. The dogs working together to put a simple joy into my day. Yeah its cold. And, yes, my face freezes, my fingers go numb, and my ears feel like they'll chip off if I flick them.  The dogs are running smooth, quick, and strong. I can hear the snow crunching beneath the skis. Looking to my left at the tree line-admiring God's canvas.  The colors are so plain but crazy beautiful. I hear Macco bark.  I see a lose dog coming our way-and fast.  The sled picks up speed, the dogs get excited.  Usually "On By" gets Macco going on--keeping him focused. He did just that until the lose dog took a bite at his neck...I slam my snow hook in the ground-In an attempt to hold Goof, my malamute, back from ripping the dog's head off-- I run to the front of the team trying to find some way to stop this crazy blood shed..Sharp teeth, dogs going wild. Only thing to do? Kick the dog in the head as hard as I could.  It stalled them for just enough time for me to get in between them. Focusing on keeping the dog from hurting my pup. An unfair fight--Macco is tied to the sled.  As I look over my left shoulder, the dog came back at me biting me hand. tearing the skin from palm to the tip of my thumb....damn!! that hurt really bad haha!  Blood all over the snow. The lose dog runs off....

My hand is Throbbing in pain!! Bleeding badly. I took my under shirt and wrapped it around my hand.  The sting feels good... Pain feels lovely.

Stoked for this SEASON!!!